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January 27, 2012

Mallorca x 3

After three week long training camps in Mallorca, we’re ready to race. In the second half of January our training sessions were designed to simulate the races with hard intense efforts, motorpacing, team time trial training, sprint lead-outs, and hours of climbing. Here are some photos from the camp:  [nggallery id=48]

January 13, 2012

San Salvador, Mallorca

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As we near the first races the intensity of our training rides has increased. Before heading home for a few days and returning for our second stint of the new year in Mallorca we logged a long 230 km ride with several intervals at specified intensities. We finished the ride off with an hour behind the team car. The last week of training has been solid. Today, as we rolled back through town to the hotel, my teammate Davide Appollonio said, “now, I think I’m almost ready to race.”

January 11, 2012

A Day Off.

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January 10, 2012

Sa Calobra, Mallorca

[nggallery id=44]Sa Calobra is one of the beautiful spots on the island. The descent down to the small port is thrilling and the climb back up, through the unique grey rock formations, is tough, steep and lovely. On the climb, we split up to do individual 20 minute efforts at threshold. In the last hour of the ride, several of us jumped in behind the car and motorbike to motorpace for an hour. The motorpacing simulates racing and helps us gain some leg speed. Many of the photos were taken by our race coach Kurt Asle Arvesen.

January 8, 2012

Sleep, eat, ride…

Through January, Team Sky will be in Mallorca for training camps. The team is split into two groups: the Classics riders who will aim to be in top form for the spring races and the other riders who have targets later in the season. I am with the Classics group, which includes World Champion Mark Cavendish, Bernie Eisel, Christian Knees, Jez Hunt, Ian Stannard, Davide Appollonio, Salvatore Puccio, and Juan Antonio Flecha.The three to six hour rides include interval sessions where we ride at a higher intensity to simulate racing and often, a motorpacing session to finish off the training at a slightly higher cadence.  Not only do we build our fitness, but by training and living together, we also build the bond that turns us into a team. Here are some photos Kurt Asle-Arevsen took from the team car which was driven by our Directeur Sportif, Servais Knaven. Race Coach, Rod Ellingworth is riding the scooter.

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